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The responsibility for harassment and sexual assault ALWAYS lies with the perpetrator. There are some simple tips and apps we can all use to help us feel safer while out and about, however.

There’s safety in numbers. Staying close to people you trust reduces the risk of being targeted.

Before heading out, know how you’ll be getting back. Plan whether you’ll be getting a taxi or a lift back with someone you trust. If you plan to travel by bus, sitting in plain view of the driver reduces risk.

Never get into any car that you have not pre-booked or you don’t know is a proper, licensed taxi cab.

If you plan on walking home, staying in well-lit areas makes you less likely to be targeted. Planning a route that passes visible CCTV cameras helps too, and we recommend calling ahead to let someone know you’re coming, or telling someone you’ll message them when you’re home safely.

Predators spike drinks to make people easier to take advantage of. Watching your drink being poured, keeping it close to you, and not accepting drinks from strangers makes this less likely.

Knowing your limits when it comes to alcohol will help keep you safe. Be sure you’re always in control.

If a situation feels unsafe, move away from the situation to somewhere you’re more comfortable. If you’re alone, call someone to come and help.